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Custom Arrows
Custom Arrows
Bow Restringing
Bow Restringing
Warranty Repairs
Warranty Repairs
Archery Range
Archery Range
Bow Lessons
Bow Lessons

Arrow Services

Are you an archer looking to find the perfect arrow for your style and bow? At H.V. Sporting Goods, we provide a custom-made solution just for you! Take advantage of our services and check out what makes us unique. And if there's something else that could make your experience even better - don't hesitate to ask one of our staff members; we're here with open ears ready to help fulfill all those special needs.

Services include:

  • Custom Build Arrows to Suite
  • Dip/Crest Arrows
  • Refletch/Recondition Arrows
  • Expertise in Arrow Selecting
  • Cut To Length
  • Insert Installation

Bow Services

Get the most out of your bow shooting experience! A proper tune-up can optimize accuracy, safety and confidence. And with a custom fit for you specifically - tailored to size, style and stance - it's sure to take your archery game up a notch.

Services include:

  • Draw weight adjustment
  • Draw length adjustment
  • Sight install and adjustment
  • Arrow rest Install (standard rest)
  • Drop Away Rest Install
  • Laser rest windage
  • Cam lean/alignment adjustment
  • Cam timing adjustment
  • Paper tuning
  • Sights: 3rd axis adjustment
  • Chronograph
  • Sight tape creation
  • Stabilizer balancing
  • Quiver installation
  • Warranty Work

Crossbows Services

Crossbow enthusiasts, we understand the importance of getting your set-up just right. Our crossbow services are designed to help you maximize accuracy and performance levels with comfortable shooting positions - that's our commitment to helping archers realize their passion!

Services include:

  • Complete setup and sight in
  • Mount and sight in scope
  • Replace string
  • Replace cables
  • Warranty Work

String Services

When your bowstring wears out, H.V. Sporting Goods is the ideal place to turn for expert service. Our highly trained technicians know how to properly fit a string and are happy to answer any questions you may have about replacing it - so don't let an aged bowstring hold you back from making accurate shots!

Services include:

  • Custom Built Strings
  • String/Cable Installation with Proper Bow
  • Tune & Set-up
  • Nock Set Installation
  • String Loop Installation
  • Kisser Button Installation
  • Nose Button Installation
  • Peep Sight Installation
  • Reserve String Serving

Shooting Range

Our in-house shooting range is the perfect location to practice and hone your skills with a bow. We offer an indoor facility where you can safely experience archery while providing access to the necessary equipment for both novices and seasoned marksmen alike. Here, we are dedicated to helping our clients master this ancient sport that has been enjoyed by many generations before us!